PCUL 1F92 Lecture Notes - Bt Group, Elitism, Address Book

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17 Nov 2011
PCUL1F92 Section 1: Tuesday, November-8-11
Continued from last lecture…
Short(er) answer definitions – names/key terms. 1-2 paragraph answer.
Identify term/relevance to PCUL, example of the term in action.
Essay Questions – choice from four/five– critical reflective nature on the
Revenue Generator
Money to be made from the lifestyle and culture associated with
Its utility as a device and its cultural function have become quite
Evolution of Cell Phone Ads
First ever cell phone ad?
** YouTube Video **
Actually combines utility with lifestyle.
Who will own this device? -- Average Joe or Elitist? Points to an exclusive
1983 - $4000 cost of a cell phone.
Elitism has gone
** Telus Ad **
Cell phones for all
Goes from being a unique, elite aspect of culture to the everyday. Now
they’re usually low-cost/free, the intent is for revenue to come from using
the phone – apps, surcharges, internet use, texts, etc.
Trying to convince buyers of the merits of technology
** CanTel Ad **
But we can’t forget regulation
** YouTube video of a man talking on the phone while driving and then
dying. **
We no longer can use phones in cars – it’s illegal and dangerous.
Ideals about the cell phone have changed along the way.
Epic Technology linked with History
** British Telecom Phone Ad **
Early amazement with technology: sales pitch nothing to do with use of the
phone but rather the amazing technology you can be a part of.
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