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Lecture 1

PSYC 1F90 Lecture 1: PSYC(WINTER, 2016) PART 1

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Kathryn Belicki

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PSYCH 1F90 (WINTER,2016)
Lecture 1: Introduction to Term 2
What Kind of “Beings” are We?
I. We are social “beings”
II. We are also individualistic
-Collectivism vs. Individualism Orientation
-Collectivism—humans influence by friends, family, and society
-Individualism—individuals are independent
III. We are “embodied minds”
-Mind is not separated from the body
IV. We are beings shaped by language
-Language influences humans and shapes them
Debatable Questions about our Nature
Are we fundamentally good/destructive towards life?
Are we capable of making choices/are we puled by forces of nature?
How self aware are we? Do we/can we know and understand ourselves?
Part 1: Psychology as a Profession
What is a Psychologist?
A legal term in North America (its definition varies from state to state/province to province)
In Ontario, it is a…
-A university professor with a PhD
-Individual registered with the College of Psychologist
What is a Regulated Health Care Profession?
Profession that have a government body that oversees them
Meets standards and pay a fee
In mental health, which are the regulated professions, which are not?
-Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, and Psychotherapy are regulated
-Counselling are not regulated
What is a The College of Psychologist?
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