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Kathy Deliovsky

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Race and RacializationstNovember 21 2013Minority vs Visible MinorityUN says terms are problematic and racism for singling groups based on skin colourCanadian government says visible minorities are nonwhite or nonCaucasianConstruct white and nonwhite binaryRacially marginalized groupsprogressive termFilm Race The Power of an IllusionAllan Goodman compares race to smog we breathe it in and its hard to avoid race is salient historical conceptcan be cleared through racial understanding and examiningMost scientists believed that races were real and objective subdivisions of homo sapiens they were based on a combination of unalterable physical and genetic characteristics such asSkin colourHair textureBody and facial shapeGenetic disease and metabolic ratesDistribution of blood groupsGreat Chain of BeingColonial theory of race 1579Dominated ideas about race superiority etcWas considered normal and established by God or natureScience is said to have dismantled the chain European man replaces GodThe lower people on the chain were there to serve the higher beingsRacial classifications of humanity are
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