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Kathy Deliovsky

GlobalisationthMarch 18 2014GlobalisationGlobalisation complex chains of interdependencies that link the local and the globalEg Osama Bin Laden filmed a video in Afghanistan had an AK47 from Russia posted the video in Qatar wore a Timex watch made in USHistory of the TermFirst coined in the 60sBuzzword in the 90sIncreasing interdependent relationship between local and global social lifeGlobality social condition characterized by global interconnections that make borders irrelevant end productGlobalisation set of social processes that produce globality process that gets us thereGlobalisation and Social ChangeConnected to places far away from usSociologists and historians may askWhat is driving globalisationHow does globalisation differ from previous social developmentsIs globalisation uniform or evenDoes globalisation creates new forms of inequality and hierarchyTheres an assumption that globalisation is a process fluidFive Processes Associated with Globalisation1Creation of new social networks that transgress old boundariesNew social media created Algeciras2Expansion and stretching of social relations and activities over spaceEg todays financial marketsEg shopping malls may all look alike with the same commodities3Intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activitiesIntensified through new technologies esp the internetMeans that local happenings are shaped by the global activities4Awareness of decreasing importance of boundariesdistancestimespace compressionSpaces seem to less far awayTime seems to be faster because we can see things as theyre happeningBoundaries no longer make a big difference Eg Skype can keep people connectedCosmopolitanism people begin to understand themselves as more than citizens of their local area but of the world1
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