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Brock University
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SOCI 1F90EDUCATION LECTURE 2292012 20700 PM Multiple choice questions only from this lecture onwards Short and long answers on everything from January most of exam Myths about families are importantwwwcbccanewscanadatorontostory20111227ontariotuitionrebateshtmlEDUCATION FRAMING THE ISSUES Education if formal in Canadaa constellation of norms values and practicesa tam of specialists both inside the classroom and outside of ita specific location for systematic instruction school college universityand appropriate equipment computer systems desks books Functionscitizenship prepares individual for this by teaching responsibilities rights etcskill gives you skill setdevelop individual Canada spends a significant amount of money on education49 increase inof applications to university in Ontario since 2000 despite the fees tuition rates increasehigh school dropout rate went down by half over the past 20 years1990 high school dropout rate17 20092010 high school dropout rate85education focuses of consumerism much more than before teaches you how to make money instead of expanding your horizons and acquiring knowledgeeducation is undergoing a profound transformation todayprocess that is inflexible and bureaucratic schools are often blamed for societys illsCanada has a very high literacy rate however up to 40 of Canadians lack basic literacy skills includes 20 of our recent high school graduateseducational system transformed to the point where it is almost impossible to fail some schools consider 35 a passing grade high school
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