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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Wrongful Conviction mind map.docx

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Robert Inkoom

The Criminal Justice System - Goals Conceptual Issues Miscarriage of Justice Defining Innocence - Organization and operation - Radelet and Bedau Prevalence of Wrongful - Rights of accused - Exonerated defendants  Presumption of innocence - Uninvolved in capital offence Conviction  Due process - How many are - Convicted of capital offence that never wrongfully convicted?  Proof beyond reasonable occurred (e.g. rape) - Number is unknown - Criminal homicide where the victim was later Objectives of Punishment found alive - To prevent all criminal - Cases where government officials admitted Offending and Human Rights offences - Do offenders have rights? error - Yes they have rights; - To convince determined innocent until proven offender to commit a lesser crime Why wrongful conviction occurs? guilty - To ensure that a criminal - Eyewitness error uses no more force than  Eyewitness account, powerful Garner on Wrongful Conviction: A grossly unfair information it court. outcome, in addition to, when a defendant is necessary convicted despite a lack of evidence - To prevent crime as  Unconscious Transference: different cheaply as possible picture in mind then the actual - WHY punish
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