SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Economic Inequality, White Supremacy, Caste System In India

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10 Aug 2016
1. SOCI 1F90- Chapter 7
November 11
Social Inequality  when attributes (gender, minority status, class) affect a
person’s access to socially valued resources (money, status, education,
health care)
Social Stratification  system by which society ranks categories of people in
a hierarchy
oAn institutionalized and structured form of inequality in which
categories of people are:
- Ranked in a graded hierarchy of superior and inferior ranks
- These rankings are based on arbitrary criteria
- These criteria sere to create unequal access to rewards,
resources, privileges and life chances in a society
Social Differentiation and Social Inequality
oDifference is a key feature of social stratification
oDifferences contain no inherent basis for inequality- society
evaluates and ranks certain characteristics that are
perceived/constructed as “different”
oRace, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc. are all dimensions of
differential ranking and an integral feature of social stratification in
oAll systems of stratification are accompanied by a prevailing
oA system of rewards based on personal attributes and
demonstrated abilities
oA myth that democratic choice is equally available to all
oIt contributes to people blaming the victim
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