CRCJ 4002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Social Control

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CRCJ 4002
Sep 4
Social control is about defining what is deviant and punishing what behaviour crosses the behaviour.
Social control was a tool proposed to help us think about the manifestation of social order
It’s the concept that would allow SOCI to be a science
Started as a concept similar to domination and manipulation.
How are societies held together even though we are all individually different?
60’s and 70’s began showing the social reaction to deviance. So how to separate those who break the
rules and those who follow them. What to do with those who break rules.
Edward Ross
-disintinguish between social and clss control
-unity can be produced by serving the overall society or put at servant of dominant brutes (class control)
-ross wanted to discover the secret of the making of social order.
-Social control should be about transforming someone ultimate goal from survival to happiness. Social
control creates self-control and obedience for the overall good.
-Ross was worried we were too generous to people. Lower IQ people, unwanted races etc.. were
allowed to reproduce which gave more “unwanteds” to society. This would make social control too
powerful and overarching. This would allow the lowest individuals at social hierarchy to succeed.
-He was against social welfare.
-worried about class control. Dominant groups could learn about social control and using it to their
advantage. Ex: law being used for the profit of big corporations.
-not everyone should be educated about social control so that they could not use it for malicious
-social control tells what we can and cant desire
-social control works through knowledge. Ex: Tobacco leads to health problems. If you still decide to
smoke you are ignoring rational thought.
-liberal position is to tell people the risk of their choices and let them choose how they please.
-By this logic, drug laws are an example of class control.
Political v Ethical
-ethical mechanism are non intentional (beliefs, religion, moral codes)
-society only works if the populous believes in justice.
-political is intentional (laws, any type of legislation)
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