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Lecture 1

FILM 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cross-Dressing, Heterosexuality, Boy Meets World

Film Studies
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FILM 1000
Jose Sanchez

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Lecture 10: Romantic Comedy: The Classical Period:
[Dec. 1]
~ Film Genres:
-> genre
> subject matter
a) plot formulas
b) conventions (thematic concerns & characterization)
c) iconography (visual settings)
-> stable & change
-> mutation & regeneration
a) Formula Plot:
-> basic conflict familiar to viewers
-> basis for variations & transgression in narrative form
b) Conventions:
-> specific ways in which formula plot is translated into visualized action
-> plot (ex. episodes that recur from film to film)
-> form:
> stylistic elements which are part of mise-en-scene
> characterization
> performance
c) Iconography:
-> images & objects that are significant elements of formula plot
-> meaning from extra filmic sources (ex. history, literature, & popular culture)
-> visual motifs
-> emotional weight
~ Genre Evolution: way of grouping genre films according to variations of formula
plots, conventions, & iconography
~ Primitive:
-> initial phase
-> emotional impact due to novelty of form & plot
-> conventions of genre are established
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