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Class 8November0211555 PMNext assignment Due on November 23 in class More on Stalinism15 minutes of documentary Stalin Man of SteeloLook for way filmmakers try to make Stalin look dramaticoGood use of music action scenesoLenin portrayed as a nice peaceful leader which was false portrayalNext AssignmentWrite a comparison essayTake 2 essays and compare them against each other in terms how 2 historians can look atSame event and come up to different conclusions1st set of essayson Issue of HolocaustoJames GlassHolocaust and enthusiasts of murderoOmer BartovEnemies making victims2nd setof essaysabout Germany and religion in WWIIoJohn ConwaySilence of Pope 12 on HolocaustoGeorge KentPope 12 and some aspect of German Vatican relationsNeed to do 3 thingsoClearly identify the main arguments of the papers find thesis statementsoShow the differences in methodologiesHow a historian wrote the history What they used archives memoirs etcoProvide a critique of the two historiansDo you detect any problems with authors approach andor argumentsAre they weakcompelling 5 pages long and double spacedCite and foot note both articlesThe Great DepressionGreat Depression24 October 1929oUS becomes economy powerCreditor Nationmajor lender of money to EuropeUS creditors liquidate European assetsGerman industrial output collapses6 million unemployed in Germany15 of populationEconomic uncertainty increases appeal of fascism and NazismoRadical movements become stronger with economic hardshipsGerman was a liberal Weimar republic before Hitler came to powerStresemann 19251929 Germanys foreign minister
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