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PSYC 2600
Chris Motz

PSYC2600 Introduction to the Study of Personality January 19 2010 Goals for todays classFinishing the material from last class Integrating Personality Research Dispositional DomainWhat is a traitHow do we identify traitsThe Five Factor Model FFM From the textIdentify the three fundamental questions that guide psychologists who study traitsand be capable of explaining the answers to these questions Define the Act Frequency approach What is Eysencks 3factor model Cattells Taxonomy and the 16 Personality Factor System Circumplex Taxonomies of Personalitywhat are they What is the fivefactor model and is it comprehensive Agenda for ResearchIn the Dispositional Domain we are focused onIdentifying the number nature and organization of basic traitsDefining the basic tendencies and the facets of eachIdentifying the underlying biological bases Agenda for Research continued Identifying the dynamic processes of the personality system defenses cognitive styles planning etcCatalogue the Characteristic Adaptations interests roles skills selfimage associated with the factor Account for lifespan developmentAssumptionsThe trait perspective makes four basic assumptions 1 Knowabilitypersonality is a proper object of scientific studyThat there is much to be learned from the study of personality in individuals and groups vs irreducible uniqueness 2 Rationalitydespite errors and biases people are in general capable of understanding themselves and others Assumptions3 Variabilityasserts that people differ from each other in psychologically significant ways 4 Proactivityrefers to the assumption that the locus of causation of human action is to be sought in the personPersonality TraitsHow should we conceptualize traitsInternal properties that cause behaviourorDescriptions of enduring aspects of behaviour descriptive summaries
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