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Concordia University
MANA 298
Fred Mc Gregor

trade-oriented sales promotions trade-oriented sales promotions (or simply trade promotions) are directed to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. 1. allowances and discounts a. merchandise allowances reimburse a retailer for brand. b. case allowances are discounts on each case ordered during a specific time period. c. finance allowances involve paying retailers for financing costs or financial losses associated with consumer sales promotions. 1. cooperative advertising. cooperative advertising involves programs by which a manufacturer pays a percentage of the retailer's local advertising expense for advertising the manufacturer's products. public relations public relations efforts may utilize a variety of tools and may be directed at many distinct audiences. the most frequently used public relations tool is publicity. sometimes public relations is used to minimize the impact of a crisis, such as in the case of firestone tires. a. public relations tools several tools are used: * the news release is an announcement regarding changes in the company or the pro
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