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Health Promotion
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Lynne Robinson

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Relationships with others Social and Contextual factors  The Donner Party: 1848  Who survived? o 90% of the single men died  All 9 members of one family, including a 1 yr. old girl, survived Why are relationships important? • Crucial for health • Crucial for mental health • Make life worth living • Important for material success • Difficulties characteristic of mental illness “People who are socially isolated…are more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health and are more likely to die prematurely” We will be talking about: • Attachment • The family context • Specific skills • Social support • Communities Attachment—How we learn to “do” relationships *A caring and close emotional bond with another person that lasts overtime, even when separated by space *Need to understand it in order to understand our capacity for relationships  Early relationship with caregiver,  Expectations for future relationships based on early experience o i.e. the “working model” The Working Model  How does early attachment affect later relationships?  Through the “working model” which: o Creates relatively stable mental representations of self and others in relationships o Becomes more complex through lifespan o Shapes our cognitive, emotional, behavioural responses to others o Is shaped by external influences (i.e. unemployment, conflict in family, prolonged illnes
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