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MGMT 2803

1 MGMT 2803 Case 1: Team Building by John Hunter By: James Lindsay Due: February 10, 2013 Professor D. Eisan 2 Introduction This case plays a critical role in understanding team processes. The recently hired Regional Director of Immigration, Peter Matthews, has a difficult task at hand. He must enter a new workplace that has an old philosophy and no drive to change. Peter must try to develop an appropriate management style to fit the needs of his current staff and turn around the department. Peter made three major mistakes upon first entering the workplace. He used a consultative approach to managing, did not address the conflicts presented and failed to evoke proper direction amongst his staff. These three mistakes led Peter to create a “team-building” workshop whereby he could try to address these problems and move forward. This paper will explain his three mistakes and how he should have handled the situation. In addition, this paper will give recommendations into what Peter Matthews should do currently, in order to resolve the current situation. Evaluation In his previous work, the employment agency, Peter saw great success in a “team approach”. He relished the opportunity for his colleagues to challenge him and provide feedback on specific work related topics. The opportunity Peter had at his previous place of work would only complicate further his decision-making process. Peter’s first mistake was assuming that because he had success with a particular practice at one firm, he would have the same success at this one. Peter assumed that this style would work out, he presumed that all people like to have a say in the decision making process. While this can be true for some individuals, it is not always the case. It 3 can lead to alienation of some employees, which in turn can lead to job dissatisfaction, and a decrease in overall morale. Peter should have listened to his previous idea of using a ‘command and control’ philosophy. Peter was very comfortable with the practice having spent numerous years in the RCMP. He knew that this worked, as other managers in the immigration department had used this technique with great avail. The problem was that he was blinded by the possible creation of the same workplace in which he had at the employment agency. Had Peter decided to use the ‘command and control’ style that he had first talked about, this situation would not have occurred for the following reasons; it is very difficult in a position of power to come across to the staff in a laissez faire manner, as all of the staff look to you for guidance. Once you commit to such an approach, the possibility of going back will only create more confusion. Robyn Benincasa, of, says it best in her depiction of a ‘command and control philosophy’. “The coercive style is most effective in times of crisis, such as a company turnaround or a takeover attempt.” The benefit of this style is further demonstrated on page 4, paragraph eight, the case explained that the staff clearly showed a lack of direction and that their morale was low. The coercive style could give the staff the ability to get back on track and understand their direction. Benincasa also reveals a very important strategy to management. She explains that the best possible management strategy is one in which uses various types of management. For example, starting with more of a coercive approach once the goals are set, than gradually moving to a more democratic approach that allows everyone to voice their opinions. In this particular situation, Peter should have used a coercive style 1 (Benincasa, 2012) 4 to begin with, letting th
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