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Dalhousie University
NESC 3237
Sean Barrett

February 5th, 2013 February-05-13 2:30 PM Self-administration in nonhumans  Recall that consumption is almost exclusively oral o Because of this it can be hard to convince rodents to voluntarily drink alcohol  Pin-tailed shrew has had its body adapt in a way that makes it metabolize alcohol very quickly because it eats a diet consisting mainly of fermented fruit  Hard to model in animals because they don't usually consume in the same pattern as humans Self-administration in humans  Cultures can affect drinking tendencies o More northern cultures have drinking habits that reflect that of binge drinking  Seems to be a very socially determined behaviour, especially in young people  Men tend to drink more than women  Age is a factor too, more socially accepted in younger people to binge drink Behavioral economics of alcohol consumption  Consumption amounts related to the price  Relationship between the price of alcohol and death rate from liver cirrhosis Alcoholism  Need a definition other than just the behaviour (drinks a lot, so is an alcoholic)  Definition needs to include o Loss of control of your consumption o A physical dependence  An idea that individuals can be born with alcoholism o Have a predisposition for it even before drinking o Described much like having an allergy o Only moderate heritability has ever been shown though, never with any one specific gene found as an absolute indicator o Heritability depends on  Gender  Drinking behaviour  Definition of alcoholism Adverse effects  Benzodiazapine can be very bad to mix with alcohol  Your body will reject alcohol before it can be a
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