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L6 Assessment of the Heart and Great Vessels of the Neck.docx

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NURS 2200
Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

Assessment of the Heart and Great Vessels of the NeckObjectivesReview AP of cardiovascular CV systemIdentify key structuresfunctions of CV systemDiscuss factors affecting cardiac output CODescribe preloadafterload Locate landmarks used in assessing CV systemDemonstrate knowledge of symptoms related to CV system in focused interview Focus on chest pain palpitations syncope edema fatigue dyspnea extremity changes orthopnea paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea nocturia Define apical pulse pulse deficitPerform cardiovascular assessment Demonstrate correct technique for inspectionpalpation of neck vessels Demonstrate correct techniques for inspection palpationauscultation of the precordium Ausculate normal heart soundsFocus on location frequency intensity quality duration timing identifyreport abnormal sounds Discuss developmental socialcultural variations Focus on hypertension smoking serum cholesterol obesity diabetesAging systolic BP changes left ventricle wall thickening arrhythmias ECG changesDiscuss clinical manifestations of hypertension heart failure Cardiovascular System Primary Functions1 Transports O2 nutrients metaboliteshormones 2 Transports wastes for detoxificationexcretion 3 Fights infection white blood cellsCV Other Systems Interaction1 Respiratory system works with CV system to supply O2remove CO2 2 Nervous system provides regulatory effect on heart rate medulla oblongata sympatheticparasympathetic effects 3 Endocrine system secretion of epinephrinenorepinephrinendthLocation of the Heart behind sternum 2 rib to 5 ICS Structure Heart Valves Circulatory SystemTwo main networks 1 Pulmonary circulation 2 Systemic circulation Coronary circulation Part of the systemic circulationsupplies blood to the heart
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