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NURS 2280
Shauna Houk

Caregiver Burnout Role conflict: having more than one role within an organization that involves incompatibility with a set of standards that impinge on role performance. Role ambiguity: when employee is unsure of the expectations required in their role. Role overload: employee has too many roles and must choose between accomplishing one at the expense of the other. Psychological strain: resulting from stress, may be depression, anxiety, irritation Burnout: refers to a prolonged response to chronic interpersonal stress on the job, includes 3 responses: overwhelming exhaustion, detachment, sense of failure/ineffectiveness. Family- Work conflict results: 1. Heavy alcohol use 2. Job, family, life dissatisfaction 3. Emotional exhaustion 4. Absenteeism 5. Turnover intentions Spirituality Spiritual Assessment: identify spiritual language, concerns, considerations, implications in treatment planning. 1. Do you have a spiritual orientation? What role does it play? What are your sources of support in coping with this condition? What kind of treatment would you like to receive? Atheism: disbelief in or denial of the existence of god/gods. Spiritual emergency: spiritual quests lead to emotional/mental problems. Created a diagnoses in DSMIV to describe a psychotic episode that creates a positive, life transforming experience. 1. ecstatic mood
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