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BIOL 1130

Day 28 Monday November 19, 2012 Basics of Photosynthesis 1) Produce Carbohydrates from CO and 2 O with2the aid of sunlight 2) Reactions in Photosynthesis a) Light  produce ATP and NADPH (High-energy crops) for use in dark reactions. b) Dark  carbohydrate from CO 2 3) Location of the Reactions (Chloroplasts) a) Light  grana (thylakoid membrane) b) Dark  stroma 4) Enzyme, oxidation and reduction Oxidation (LEO)  loss of electrons, loss of hydrogen and gain of oxygen sometimes Reduction (GER) Gain of electrons, gain of H, loss of oxygen 5) ’s involved  400 – 780 m a) Photosystem I  reaction centre P 700passes the electron to a receptor molecule  Fe-5 particles  electron transport chain  produces: NADPH b) Photosystem 2  P 680 passes electrons to receptor molecule  electron transport chain  produces: ATP 6) Rule of H2O  supplies electrons to P.S. II and releases O2 7) Build up of H insides the thylakoid membrane  flows out  in the stroma the production of ATP and NADPH Day 28 Monday November 19, 2012 Chemiosmosis 1) Photosystem II  P 680passes the e to pheophyten 2) Splitting of H2O  P 680is positively charged  electron deficit is made up by H 2 
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