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Accidental Rafting and Homo Erectus in south East Asia.docx

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ANTH 1131

Accidental Rafting and Homo Erectus in south East Asia Accidental Rafting: By chance being swept away to a different area during a natural disaster (hurricane, tsunamis, etc.) and surviving – could even cross seas, especially if the currents are strong enough to push you onto the coast of another place  However, there are almost no good evidence that people in Australia from 40 thousand to 4 thousand years ago have had any contact with people from different areas (such as in Asia or Java).  If there were boats involved, there would have been at least some contact between the people in Australia and places across the Wallace Line What Happened to Homo erectus in South-East Asia?  There is no evidence that Homo erectus in Asia has evolved into modern humans  The Homo erectus in Asia disappeared completely. Some reasons for this may be:  There is a super volcano called Toba; it was 2,400 times the size of Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980 – it spread debris to approximately 2,800 cubic kilometres  If the Homo erectus had been around during this time, the eruption of Toba could have been a plausible reason for the extinction of the Homo erectus and the plantations in the area What is the Homo floresiensis?  Found in the Liang Bua Cave in Flores  There are no complete skeletons, but there are remains of at least 6-7 individuals  The layers of the site date from about 19,000 to 9,000 years ago  The Homo floresiensis were around when modern humans were around as well  They were much smaller than modern humans – around a metre tal
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