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ANTH 1131 Lecture Notes - Brain Size, Encephalization Quotient, Microcephaly

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ANTH 1131

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Accidental Rafting and Homo Erectus in
south East Asia
Accidental Rafting: By chance being swept away to a different area during a
natural disaster (hurricane, tsunamis, etc.) and surviving could even cross
seas, especially if the currents are strong enough to push you onto the coast
of another place
However, there are almost no good evidence that people in Australia
from 40 thousand to 4 thousand years ago have had any contact with
people from different areas (such as in Asia or Java).
If there were boats involved, there would have been at least some
contact between the people in Australia and places across the Wallace
What Happened to Homo erectus in South-East Asia?
There is no evidence that Homo erectus in Asia has evolved into
modern humans
The Homo erectus in Asia disappeared completely. Some reasons for
this may be:
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