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ANTH 1131

Ancestral Trout  Another example 1. The process of speciation is often aided by geographic isolation a. Grassland vs. woodland b. Same species but separate populations c. Rangifer tarandus i. Reindeer (Europe) ii. Caribou (North America) Natural Selection in Action  The Peppered Moth in England  Existed a long time ago  Most often with white background a. Welly adapted on the countryside  After the industrial revolution only the ones with brown background are able to survive b/c it is easier for them to blend into the coal covered tree trunks Recent Example  Little guppies  There’s some in the upper region and some on the lower regions  Lower – super predator (big mouth sleepers)  More offspring than upper guppies but smaller in size  Goes through life cycle much faster  Upper – guppies grow x2 bigger as the lower guppies  Scientists tried to put the lower guppies in the upper region  Undergo evolutionary process much faster  Lower guppies turned more into upper guppies Other Fundamental Components of the Evolutionary Proce
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