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Homo habilis The oldest evidence we have of people outside of Africa is Dmanisi, in the Republic of Georgia.  Since the 1930s, people have been excavating this site because it was a medieval monastery  In the early 1980s, they started to find great big bones of extinct animal species and a year later, they started finding stone tools  They discovered more stone tools and hominin remains that were really well dated; the deposits that they are finding the discoveries were directly on top of volcanic rock, which can be dated (to 1.8 million years) – then, clearly, the discoveries are younger than 1.8 million years since it was on top of it  The skulls found in this site were quite small, and appeared to be perfect examples of H. ergaster, rather than H. erectus  An old man found as well, approximately 50 years – he would have had gummy teeth, and relied on his group. The group would have had taken care of him Turkana in Africa (2.0 million years ago) – Dmanisi in Georgia (1.8 million years ago) – Nihewan Basin in China (1.6+ million years ago) – Java in South-East Asia (1.4 million years ago) AND Atapuera in Europe (1.4 million years ago) Fossil Sites in Java:  Along the Solo river, there were some modern human skulls found (Wajak)  Eugene Du Bois started found early hominin remains along the river  Sangiran 17 is one of th
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