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Lecture 3

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Business Management
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BUSM 2200

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BUS 360W
Report Submission #3 Instructions Due: Final Class
Here is a reminder of the instructions for Report Submission #3
The report’s research must be based on secondary data. (e.g., books, academic journals,
industry articles, brochures, magazines, newspapers, industry reports, TV/radio programs,
web sites, electronic sources, etc.)
When researching your report, you cannot conduct interviews, facilitate focus groups, or
design and administer surveys. You can, however, use previously published material that
draws on such data.
You must use at least 7 sources in your report. All sources must be documented ethically, and
follow the APA citation system.
You must use at least 2 graphics in the body of your report. Examples of graphics include
tables, graphs, maps, photographs, flow charts, etc. Graphics on your report cover or report
title page are fine, but such graphics do not count as the required graphics for your report
Your report must follow proper business conventions and presentation guidelines as
discussed in class and outlined in the course textbook and Report Survival Guide.
For Report Submission #3, you will submit one bound hardcopy of the report. Follow the
guidelines for binding we discussed in class.
The cover and title page of the report must be set up as if the report was going to the audience
in the case. Do not include student numbers, TA or instructor names, or any other SFU or
school / course-related information.
The report must not exceed 3500 words. This word count excludes the title page, the
transmittal document, the table of contents, the graphics list, the executive summary, the
references page, and any appendices. The word limit applies to the introduction, the body, the
conclusions, and the recommendations. Your goal is to present a concise, compelling
argument that is supported by the best evidence available.
IMPORTANT: You must submit your bound report in an envelope. The envelope must be
accurately addressed to one of your group members. Appropriate postage must be on the
envelope. Don’t guess at the postage; have the package weighed at the post office and ensure that
your report fits comfortably into the envelope.
Do not seal the envelope. Include my return address as outlined in the report checklist.
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