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GEOG 1120

Geography as a European Science David Stoddart is both a physical geographer and an intellectual historian. He wrote a book called On Geography where he emphasizes a concern on "making sense of nature". Stoddart addresses the world in a particular way. In a tradition of exploration and adventure. Physical geography on the global scale. But then the intellectual ambition is no less grand--making sense of nature. "a great tradition"--I am a geographer, and my work lies squarely in a great tradition. There's nothing small minded about Stoddart's ambition. Stoddart says "My geography springs from Forster, Darwin, Huxley: and it works..." this is a history with a purpose, he claims previous geographers and what theyve been doing doesn't work. It's an attempt to rewrite and represent the history of geography with a specific purpose. This is a man whose work is rooted in physical geography and not human geography which we're ostensively concerned. But there's a reason why this book is so important. Three Themes: Physical geography and the natural science tradition. Adventures in the field: fieldwork, discovery and exploration. A normative history of modern Geography. A book that Stoddart makes the claim that Geography is a European Science. For stoddart, this claim turns on the need to establish the objectivity of geographic inquiry. he moves from science into geography. Geography emerged as a modern science when "truth" became our central criterion. When did that h
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