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Sexual Behavior and Response Myths about sexual response  Sexuality has a age-restriction  Sexual response is all about orgasm  Sexual response is only about physiology  Sexual response is more important for males Infancy (0 to 2 years)  Erections  Masturbation  Infant encounters o Children may kiss, hug, pat, stroke, and gaze at each other  Attachment: psychological bond that forms between an infant and the mother father, or other caregiver  Gender differences Early Childhood (3 to 7 years)  Masturbation o When lessons are learned o Done in private  Same-sex behavior o Sex segregation typical at this age  Sex knowledge and interests o Age three or four, have idea there are genital differences between male and female o Age seven, know what differences between male and female  ‘Playing’ (e.g. play house to practice marriage, sex play because of curiosity) Preadolescence (8 to 12 years) - latency  Ar
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