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Gaventa’s view of the three dimensions of power. General points  power struggles between workers and owners = more power vs less power  “I have read the theories of democracy about how victims of injustice in an “open system” are free to take action upon their concerns, about how conflicts emerge and are resolved through compromises amongst competing interest.”  In Applacia he felt the workers had no power  they did not collectivize and participate in democratic way to change their situation = how power changes the participation of public in the democratic process What is power? 1. the ability to do or act 2. a particular faculty of body or mind 3. government, influence, or authority (political or social) 4. Authorization, ascendency -> over something How does power operate when certain groups struggle for different ends vs other groups?  want different things that usually oppose  basic interests are in conflict = adversaries in work or government  different power levels = different resources 3 views of power, 3 dimensions of power  static and dynamic aspects  power dynamics change within groups over time  certain groups accumulate power over time and how it changes the whole power dynamics  power imbalance = 1st dimension over time -> 2nd dimension, persists and go extreme -> 3rd dimension 1st dimensional view of power  A = more powerful group(s) B = less powerful  “power is manifest in the capacity of an individual o
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