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Political Science
POLI 1119

Loyal Opposition o Styled “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” o We give resources to people whose job is to challenge the government o Each MP given research budget, money, research staff o Additionally, if you’re the loyal opposition, you get even more money; this money used for activity in critiquing the government o The State provides for someone to critique the government at all times; unique to Westminster system o Currently the NDP lead by, Thomas Mulcair MP o Stephen Harper is one of the least educated leaders Canada has (Masters in Economics) o Treated as a government in waiting o The idea of the Opposition is that at a moment’s notice that if they crown were to ask them to be in power, they would have a team ready o For every cabinet minister, there is an equal position in the Opposition who critiques o Bear allegiance to Crown, not government o Leader of Opposition becomes Member of the Privy Council; he has access to the same information that the government has o Opposition granted privileges not granted to other parties  Leader granted special speaking privileges, car allowance, special staff and offices, and official residence  He also gets access to foreign leaders. If Harper were to meet with Obama, Mulcair would too  Privileges include formal place in ceremonial functions, official title, international standing, first to ask question during question period  Given a very clear podium for the public to view him/her; ensures that there is a political check on the PM; we hold someone else up very clearly as the alternative to current PM  PM cannot hide anything because the Opposition will be there to call them out  Party given extra f
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