BIOL 202 Lecture Notes - Stomach Cancer, Blending Inheritance, Transmembrane Protein

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7 Feb 2013

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Notes Lecture 2
Conferences start on the 21st of january.
Law of equal segregation -->inheritance pattern wt single genes
chromosomal basisof inheritance patterns
CDH1 gene-->E-cadherin protein. (used in zonula adherens, it is a transmembrane protein, thats
associated with the actin filaments, plays a role in adhesion). When mutated, cells aren't stuck together
as much, cells can move more freely, encouraging metastasis of the cancer.
(dominant mutation, in this case)
gastric cancer, 1-3% of the time is due to a genetic mutation
If you have a mutation of the above gene, the probability of developping gastric hancer is very high.
Esophagojejunostomy, attach the esophagus to the duodenum, make a pouch near the jejunum that sort
of replaces the stomach (?)
The pt did have cancer, in the end, after looking at her stomach, post removal.
Genetics prior to mendel===> “ Blending inheritance” (aristotle=mixture of semen and menstrual
Mendel and Garden Peas:
2 different types of crosses--> Cross pollination and Selfing
CP==> transfer of pollen with a brush, removal of anthers, progeny
Selfing-->transfer pollen to sigma.
Mendel studied phenotype whose expression is influenced by gene action
When he selfed (the same type mated with the same type)
Different type with different type.
Punnet square used to explain the probability of showing the different phenotypes. (singl gene model)
(law of equal segregation)
The Law of Segregation states that every individual possesses a pair of alleles (assuming
diploidy) for any particular trait and that each parent passes a randomly selected copy (allele) of
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