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Lecture 13

BIOL 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Generation Time, Net Reproduction Rate, Survivorship Curve

Biology (Sci)
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BIOL 215
Neil Price

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BIOL215 Lecture 13 Notes
Population biology is the study of individuals from one species that live together in space and time
(Book pg. 114)
Basic demography is something that focuses on a species; not of a community
Population is of a single species while community is formed of a few species interacting together in
the same place and same time. Ecosystem incorporates the abiotic functions of communities in the
same time and same place
Population dynamics studies the "behavior" of populations such as increases and decreases in
population size.
Demography is the study of the age structure of population. It includes the study of death, birth,
population growth, and population decrease
When we're talking about demography, we must have a sense of the size of the population at a given
time (initial time). We want to estimate how the population will grow to predict the population in the
future. Very mathematical
Consider births and immigration as factors that increase/brings individuals to a population
Consider deaths and emigration as factors that decrease/take away individuals to a population
Demography is the understanding of the balance between birth and death taking into account
immigration and emigration
Ecology means "the knowledge in the house" in Greek
To measure populations: 1) census for humans, 2) quadrants for plants, 3) marked captures for birds,
4) marked capture (with tranquilizer) for deers
See list of methods for measuring populations: pg. 120
Density of number of individuals per unit area is measure of population size.
Individuals of small size are abundant on a small spatial scale and bigger individuals are less abundant
The two most important tenants of demography are: death and birth
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