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Trade Discussion Cusineau

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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

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OCT 17th, 2011 TRADE DISCUSSION Broccoli: - 3.6 kg people buy, 1.5kg people actually consume (PER YEAR) - rest is waisted - at max - broccoli harvested at Cusineau's - 2 weeks in storage before selling - minimum in California broccoli is three weeks before selling - calls into question what is fresh! W - wastage left in the field (use machine to return to soil) - nutrients go back, but it can cause problems with pests/disease! - cost benefit analysis - blaimed the grocery stores (the big four which control 84% of market) for creating demand for the perfect broccoli Food Biosecurity - preventative - Quality of food vs. "being safe" - concern about human pathogens Tillage - 10x for preparing for second broccoli crop - may have been exception - seeded the first when wet (clay soil) - large clods of clay results from soil being two wet, destroys structure and is large mass - when it dries it becomes hard as a rock - extra tillage to create FINE SEEDBED for Direct Seeding - petral energy waste and damage to soil! Economy of Scale - producing huge volume to make profit. - to make money off of one crop Crop Insurance? Was there any? - what is the difficulty with large horticultural crops like broccoli - returning to field several times to bring back yield - do not know the harvest total yield! Exporting? Was it a good idea? - Yes Argument: The US offers a huge market - that said there is quite a bit of competition - the exports were restricted to the North East/ Mid west - increasing market because broccoli is being considered a health food - is there a limited number of producers? - quality, uniformity, consistency, etc. - The grocery stores wants this - not an easy crop to produce - limited genetics, only 4 or 5 types of broccoli - preference for 1 type of broccoli What are the problems with producing peris
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