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Lab 3. Connective Tissue.doc

Anatomy & Cell Biology
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ANAT 261
Jason Young

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Lab 3 – Connective Tissue
Loose CT Dense CT Regular CT Irregular CT
Highly cellular Highly fibrous fibres organized
and parallel
fibres in no
*In the lab, all dense connective tissue will be irregular, except for
tendon which is dense regular connective tissue
- fibres are either collagen, reticular fibres or elastin
- cells present are either:
ofibroblast/fibrocyte responsible for making the
connective tissue
oadipose cells fat cells, as seen in the hypodermis
oimmunological cells
- ground substance is made of glycoproteins and proteoglycans
- dense regular connective tissue
- joins muscle to bone
- made of collagen type I fibres and fibrocytes
- In lab slides, fibres look wavy and all in same direction
- three types of cartilage
oelastic in your ear lobes
*no slide for this
ohyaline most common type (ex. seen in trachea)
oarticular at the tip of long bones
- cartilage is avascular (this limits its size)
odense irregular connective tissue (type I collagen)
ocovers all cartilage, except articular cartilage
otwo layers:
fibrous layer
outer layer
made of fibrocytes and collagen type I
chondrogenic layer
inner layer
made of chondroblasts (flat, elongated cells)
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