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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 262
Ursula Stochaj

This is a typical cell and as can be seen the nucleus is the biggest organelle in cell Nucleus is about size of RBC 01223345Nuclear envelope consists of 2 membrane systems1 outer nuclear mem2 inner nuclear memNuclear bodies have Bw the 2 membrane is the initially been defined as perinuclear spaceability to stain compartments within At junction of inner and outer nuclear interior If you nuclear membranes you have a stain a cell with have NPCsantibody you will see little dots in the nucleus of Underlying the inner nuclear different sizes These are membrane inside nucleus nuclear bodies we dont is the nuclear lamina Protein really what know what it is in nuclear lamina are linked doing when you see to several diseasesthese dots you get large variety of different Inside the nuclear we have compartments in nucleus the nucleolus which is a which are involved in compartment not an splicing virus replication organelle We also have and stress responsechromatin and several nuclear bodies have a nuclear bodies and nuclear variety of different matrix In nuclear interior we functions and not all of also have nuclear matrixthem are well definednuclear matrixmaterial that is left over after you extract nucleus with salt detergent DNase and RNase One important component of nuclear matrix are filaments and these are believed to be involved in certain functions eg promote replication play role in splicing and transcriptionThis is an image of what we discussed in previous slideNPCs mediate trafficking of all material which comes from cytoplasm and go into nucleus and also trafficking form nucleus to cytoplasm
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