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Biology (Agric & Envir Sc)
AEBI 210
Jaswinder Singh

Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 November 7th, 2012 Algae and Lifecycles Protista: Part of domain Eukarya Include algae, protozoans and unicellular fungi Unicellular, colonial or simple multicellular organisms Can have different types of photosynthesis and be autotrophic or heterotrophic May or may not have a cell wall or be motile Algae: Autotrophic protists found in both marine and freshwater Can be single-celled, colonial, filamentous or have differentiated bodies Different photosynthetic pigments and storage compounds Develop symbiotic relationships Seaweeds without true leaves, stems or roots Phytoplankton like cyanobacteria are found in the ocean -Fix up to half the CO2 from fossil fuels emissions -Produce about half the O2 we breath -Some varieties produce sulphur oxides, which increase cloud cover and acid rain Phaeophyta (brown) -Includes multicellular seaweed and kelp with chlorophyll a and c -Has cell walls made of cellulose and algin Rhodophyta (red) -Mostly filamentous and colonial seaweeds with chlorophyll a and d -Has cell walls made of cellulose or calcium carbonate Cholorophyta (green) -Found not only in water but also trees, soil and snow -Green algae and plants share many characteristics -Contain carotenoids, chlorophyll a and d -Store starch in plastids Streptophytae share many traits with plants -Similar cytokinesis -Sporic meiosis with alternating generations -Female gamete is non-motile and larger than the male gamete (oogamy) Coleochaete are found in shallow lakes, on rocks and on aquatic plant stems Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 -Grows by cell division in apical cells -Are oogamous, and reproduce by sporic meiosis (alternation of generations) -2n zygote stimulates the thallus (n) to produce protective cells for the embryo Chara is a very old genus found in shallow freshwater lakes -Has plasmodesmata, and sometimes calcified cell walls -Grows apically, whorls of branches off of inter
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