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Lecture 4

DENT LECTURE 4 Linkage and the Genetics of Continuous Variation.pdf

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Lucy- Ann Joseph

DENT LECTURE 4 Linkage and the Genetics of Continuous VariationSexlinked traits predominantly affect males ex Colorblindness Redgreen color blindnessAppears in 14 of children of unaffected parentsOnly males of unaffected parents are colorblindColorblind females have affected fathersOverwhelmingly appears in males6 than females1 sexlinked Colorblindness does not assort independentlyActual ratio50 female normal25 male normal25 male color blindThe colorblindness results from a gene on the X chromosome that is nonfunctional cannot make protein mutatedproperly Yrecessivechromosome always has the allelebecause it doesnt have a genefor colorblindness Y is small and does not have a gene for colorblindnessThe absence of a gene is a type of alleleHemizygous is when a gene is missing from one of the chromosomes only on 12 chromosomeCarriers if you cross a colorblind man with a normal homozygous woman all children are normal but fe
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