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Toby Morantz, Guest Lecture.

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McGill University
Canadian Studies
CANS 200
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

thCanadian StudiesOctober 12Guest speaker 1 Subarctic 2 Northwest 3 Arctic10 language families once 53 languages At one time across the countryGreat divide whether or not the native peoples were living in the south or the NorthSouthchanges to native peoples when thearrivedSubartic populations were able to lead a much more isolated life govern how their culture was responding to their Able to develop on their own Arctic was really isolated left aloneFrench were not interested in expansion landwisethey never did land grab only wanted fur trade Werent interested in changing Euro centric historyoral traditions early 1970s just started being written down poor translationsHistory of real estate because its a Land Grab SubarcticEast Algoquian speaking peopleHudsons Bay is prime fur trade company o 1670 Northern Quebec origin with merchants coming over sending a ship to James BayFur trade was so lucrativeone time 500 HBC postsIndians participatewelcomed them why beaver the beaver have short under furbecame useful in making of felt Felt was used to make hats European fashion until mid 1800s until being replaced by silkNatives iron twine fishing nets cloth metal kettles teaall useful to the nativesThey didnt just take the items but fashioned them to their needscurved knife HBC manufactured to their specificationsBrazil tabaccoTowns in England and Scotland grew up to produce materials for native populationsthey disappeared or cut back when the fur trade ended Consequences of the Fur trade for subarctic people o Winter hunting group smaller o Successful hunters more influence o Womens labours more importantHOWEVER o Continue to govern themselves o Continue to provide their own foodDecline of animals at the same timeGovernment becoming more and more involved
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