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Lecture 6

WOC lecture 6

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CHEM 182
Joe Schwarcz

Pain And Anesthetics- lots of names to know History (4) 1800s Dr. Crawford William Long • Oct 16 1846: first successful with anesthesia using ether for removal neck tumor. (Prior: had not used enough ether) • Stronger ether invented • Houding: magician, used ether • James Simpson: discovered chloroform as an anaesthetics • Queen Victoria: used chloroform for 8 child birth (Dr. John Snow)-clergy was against it. • 1860s: use of anesthetics made more regular • Potassium Bromide (salt)-sedative (calming) • Curare: muscle relaxant and general anesthetic-Introduced by Griffith (McGill). Pre/Post era since he was so famous-Chondodendron Tomentosum • Propofol ie Milk of Amnesia-Micheal Jackson -Similar structure to Thymol (Listerine), Phenol, BHT (preservative/A.O.) -Chemical structure matters Procedure of Anesthesia 1) Preanasthetic medications -Atropine to block secretions Stopped taking notes cause was told will be posted…: Fentanyl – terrorist attack Halogens are good Mechanism of anesthetics-NOT understood Morphine 10% of poppy seed is morphine, 1% codeine Early 1800s- purified and isolated Synthesized in 1952 Addiction- not really addictive unless in pain Heroin Myanmar had to take it in public? USA morphine legal as painkiller Two OH groups difference between morphine and Heroin make a HUGE difference Commun in children syrups awhile ago for cough Oxycontin Placebo studies shows many side effects and very addictive. Opiates tests- eating 2 poppy seed bagels can make you test positive Depending on where product is made, concentration changes. Alkaloid (Nitrogens present) Thebaine is in poppy seed Chemistry of each painkiller doesn’t really matter for midterm Stadol Reduces the nausea caused by chemotherapy Gate Theory Acupuncture and massages based on this Endorphins- why some extreme sports are addictive Beta Liportropin has 3 segments 1 of which is used to relieve pain. Practice Questions 1. D. Morgan- inhaler (Litheon)- Used ether as anesthetic 2. Which is false? Thebaine is addictive (it isn’t)-B 3. Which is true? D. or E. the last option… 4. Lethon was another name for ether © 5. Which is false? E. Lecture 1- How many compounds in urine 16 summarian beer recipes Background not that impo
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