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McGill University
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 30 Notes  The Commodities of Heroism: o Time – Honour (within a system of reciprocity) o Aidos – Shame (a social feeling in front of others) o Kleos – Glory (Heroes out for glory) o General system is that heroes are after glory, that they are only doing things with the assumption that they will get honour and pay honour in return and to avoid shame  Achilles Alliance: o Achilles was “pissed off” because all the others were fighting due to “Oath of Tyndareus” and were under assumption of reciprocal honour. Achilles was not bound by oath. Agamemnon distributed prize whenever they took over a place o Achilles has a girl called Briseis and Agamemnon took Cryses (daughter of priest of Apollo), Apollo sends down plague against Greeks. Calchas determines reason why plague hit the Greeks. Agamemnon says he will give up Cryses only if he get Briseis, Achilles refuses (due to system of honour and that he wanted glory) and stops fighting for the Greeks o Agamemnon sends Ajax, Odysseus, and Phoinix to try and get Achilles to go back to fighting. Makes it clear that Agamemnon was only half-trying and states that he is still the better man  Trojan Community: o No oath of Tyndareus o Small communities of different tongues coming to help the Trojans fight; same idea of reciprocity, being rewarded for what they are giving o Sarpedon, one of the leaders of these allies calls out Hector that he can’t see any reciprocity being exchanged o Sarpedon dies where he is killed by Patroclus who dresses up as Achilles and goes into battle. Kills Sarpedon who is Zeus’ son o Glaukos, another leader bashes Hector for not being a leader in his end of reciprocity. o Death is probably what the Iliad wa
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