RELG 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Jahwist, First Story, Documentary Hypothesis

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15 Apr 2013
Lecture 2
January 14, 2013
Differences in the two creation stories (genesis 1/2)
First story is divided into days. In the second one there is no mention of days.
In the first story there is a cosmic scope/in the second story they only
mention the earth (no heaven, stars).
First story animals are created first=animals are part of cosmic design/in
second story man was created first=animals are created to keep man
company. It also mentions creation of eve.
In first story man is the ruler of the world and men and women are created
equally/in the second woman is created after man and from man=hierarchy.
In first no names are given/in second Adam names everything. There is also
dialogue in the second story.
In first story Sabbath day is mentioned and in second it isn’t.
These two stories are joined together.
Scholarship used to be under the rule of religious control and then became
separated in the 19th century. This is when discrepancies were noticed between
what was learned in church and what they have been observing.
Julius Wellhausen: developed documentary hypothesis during 1878 and 1883. He
had the idea to write the history of Israel and the origin and development of the
Hebrew bible.
He was a scholar who liberated himself from religious authority and got a job as a
professor. The religious authorities didn’t like his hypothesis and he was fired. He
worked as a private scholar and finally his writings were accepted because many
things in the bible just weren’t logical. Universities accepted his modern/liberal
views (liberated from religious authorities).
Documentary hypothesis- the bible is made up of different segments that are each
written at different times by different people. Then they are put together to form the
bible. The theory takes about the different sources according to the below rules.
They are able to date the sources according to particular observations made about
the different texts:
Jahwist document- 950 BCE/600 BCE
Elohist document 850 BCE-
Deuteromistic document- 600 BCE
Priestly document- 500 bce
2 names for God: God in first/Lord God in second (it is german).
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