RELG 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Korean Language, Lantern Festival, Songgwangsa

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Published on 11 Jun 2012
Buddhism in the Koryo
Korea unified under Silla and Parhae
Mongolian invasion towards the end
Barbarian clan
From central Asia
Considered to be distinct from Chinese
They set up their own Chinese Empire
Huge impact on politics and culture
Khitan (Mongols) and Liao (Chinese empire under Mongols) invade Kaegyong (capital)
twice, but beaten back
Jinghiz Khan invasion
Truce in 1259
Koryo is a vassal state to China (1231)
1368, Mongols are defeated in China
The Great Progenitor
Ancestor worshipping
Wang Geon = King
6 queens
Married the daughter of every single clan leader
Construction capital city Kaegyong
Master of diplomacy
One Koryo vs three kingdoms
Shamanic religion
Chinese style bureaucracy and legal code
Academy examination
Civil service system
Ideally, it is a meritocracy
Conflict with the idea of the Bone Rank system
Public and private academies
Ritual (Confucian)
Civil admin is superior to military
Not discrete categories; very inclusive
Each one is related to the others
Social Structure
Four classes
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Document Summary

Khitan (mongols) and liao (chinese empire under mongols) invade kaegyong (capital) twice, but beaten back. Koryo is a vassal state to china (1231) Married the daughter of every single clan leader. Conflict with the idea of the bone rank system. Most complex single corpus of buddhist writings in east asia. Metal characters that can be rearranged to make texts. Believed to be where original printing process originated. Small at the base and rounds up bigger at the top. Japan and china both kidnapped korean potters to have the knowledge. Court flees to kanghwa island to escape the mongols. Mongol influences korean language and names (for children) Korean has to pay tributes to china as a vassal state. Also has to give them young girls to become concubines. So girls are being married super young (5-6 yrs old) to protect them.

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