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The Bible in English Introduction  The King James’ version of 1611 bible is a translation, a modification and revision of previous work done on the bible, not based upon Latin  It is the most influential English version of the bible  The current catholic version of the bible was called the Vulgate, and it was written in Latin, and had been used for about 1000 years  In the humanistic tradition of that era (the Renaissance), they go back to the Hebrew and Greek sources of the bible, and translating from those – therefore a product of its time  The King James Version is an endpoint of a whole slew of English translations of the bible that came from the rise of Protestantism in England.  Since most people did not read Latin, they knew the stories, but they did not have the personal relationship with the bible, and had to rely with the priest.  The thing that began this was a cultural reformation called the Reformation, where many people broke off from the Catholic Church.  Even England broke off from the Vatican, and they formed their own Church, the Anglican church  William Tyndale (1494-1536) o Gives us one of the first translations of the bible into English o You could not translate the bible without approval, and was killed because he did it without permission. o He did it in Cologne, because it was safer to do it there o He translated the new testament, and the first five books of the old testament o The books he made were smuggled into England, and therefore people started to had success to God’s work, and they could thus make up their own mind about the works o When they found out, he was killed for doing this o His bible used blackletter typeface  Myles Coverdale o Just published a year before Tyndale was killed o Got away, because he was more conservative with his words o He also write a polite dedicatory in his bible o Published the Great Bible o Put together by the church of England (the Anglican Church) o They had an influence on how the Protestant o You had bishops, there is a lot of structural similarity o There was a lot of tumultuous going back and forth between Protestantism and Catholicism o This was important to the people because God had a hand in the determination of their souls after death  The Geneva Bible o Published in 1560, and was a scholarly bible o Shakespeare liked it, most popular until the King James bible was published o It also had marginal gloss, making it more reader friendly o Also called the breaches bible, and was made by English people in Geneva o Used Roman type, which was much easier to read o Was the first bible to use both Chapter and Verse Numbers (before it, they only used Chapters) o This made it easier to reference
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