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ENVR 201
Elena Bennett

Society, Sustainability and Environment- ENVR-201- 051 September 19th 2012 Sustainable Development Brundtland Commission: “Humanity has the ability to... [meet] the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Open to interpretation, vague; does not specify methods, goals or timeframes Focuses on world peace and freedom 25+ years old, when initial conflict between environment and development was seen Mentions that we have the ability, does not mention responsibility We are not aware of what future generations are going to need Other Definitions: Biophysical- Maintaining or improving the integrity of life support systems on earth Economic- Preservation of productive capital for the foreseeable future Systems- A dynamic harmony between the equitable availability of energy-intensive good and services to all people Ecological- Maintaining essential ecological processes and life support systems, genetic diversity, and sustainable utilization of species and ecosystems Social- Managing social demands without eroding social cohesion and resilience Scientific- Rates of use of renewable resources should not exceed rates of regeneration and rates of pollution emission should no
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