GEOG 210 Lecture Notes - Map Projection, Afforestation, Human Geography

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24 Jan 2013
Lecture 4: Agriculture and Human Geography
Examples and Uses
Evolution and Regionalization of Landscapes
The Treatment of Spatial Data
o Pay attention to “spatial”
o Spatial: where, boundaries, here, there
Interpretation of images reveals the production of landscape and helps flood
preparedness. These images can help governments zone the landscape and
can help insurance companies determine how much they will have to pay
Landforms- Africa
Satellite Imagery:
Landforms in Sahara
Line revealing splicing of imagery, path of satellite
Physical and human geography influence each other
Geosynchronous Orbit: for a fixed location on Earth the satellite returns to
exactly the same time each day
Radar sees land forms.
Water courses
Possibility of drought or flooding
Predictive ability is important for maps and geographical tools.
Fundamental Concepts
Process: how things change
Pattern: what the change is
Map projection
Spatial Diffusion
The Domain of Development
The Core
Regions of the world-system are those that dominate:
o Trade
o Control the most advanced technologies
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