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Lecture 16

HISP 226 Lecture 16: HISP 226 16. 03.07.2016 Lecture 16 Notes

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McGill University
Hispanic Studies (Arts)
HISP 226

03. 07. 2016 Hispanic Civilizations 2 Lecture 16 Context Largely an urban phenomenon Brought in middle and working classes that were previously excluded First time from the executive level that they are speaking to the working class in a systemized way Dictatorship and populism overlap: differentiates Trujillo of Dominican Republic Defining terms: What is Populism? Contrast with the status quo is essential to Latin America as it goes against the idea of oligarchy, power in the small hands, etc which is essential in history Can vary between being democratic and authoritarian (switch between the two) A notion of representation, in which a large number of the population feels invisible to the contrasting elite and a charismatic leader appeals to collective needs, and the personalization of politics Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra Give me a balcony and I will become president Political parties diminish in relevance and elections are not important as we move towards the leader as the center of politics Similar to the modern day caudillo 19 vs. 20 Century In differentiation to 19 century populism, populist leaders are using similar tactics of trade unions and are focusing on social democratic mass movements Populism should be separated from Marxism; it is rather the emergence of a corporate state even though it is deriving from populism Does not believe in putting the power in the hands of workers Juan Domingo Peron Peronism: shows that movements are carried by a strong leader and characterized through the leader, lack of strong democratic institutions and a history and continuation of a strong leader to rule) Backlash against immigrants, due to a sense that they are causing labour unrest Corporatist state with a nationalist agenda Began as a Secretary of Labour and trade quadrupled in the time, and working with leaders for them to gain recognition Focus on the urban sector of Argentina
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