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Lecture 15

HIST 203 Lecture 15: 3-16-2017 Battle of Hong Kong

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HIST 203
John Zucchi

Battle of Hong Kong Documentary Creators -Two Montreal filmmakers -Critical of war effort Controversy -Seen as too harsh -Even investigated by the Canadian Senate Questions -Is a documentary a historical source, a form of history similar to writing, or is it vastly different? -How does it play on emotions? Notes Pacific Theatre -Commonwealth soldiers fought together -Government hid what happened in Hong King -Had to do with battle against Japanese Japanese Side -Growing openness about reunions shows a rising nationalism and a willingness to celebrate history -Film portrays them in a very “foreignized” light -Japan wanted to expand empire as much as they could, invading China -Moved towards Hong Kong -Churchill knew it would be hard to hold onto, but the military convinced him to hold it with Canadians Winnipeg Grenadiers and Royal Rifles -Sent to Hong Kong from Jamaica -Canada didn’t investigate anything and just sent them in -Lacked training and seen as “unfit for combat” -Both classified this way -Nobody was told where they were going Hong Kong -Nearing centennial, British colony expected to do great -Had a population of 2 million, including many Chinese refugees -Island with a little bit of mainland, which was defended through the mountains -Bunkers and tunnels had been set up -British knew this wouldn’t work but they never told the Canadians -Canadians enjoyed 3 weeks before war Preparation -British expected 5,000 Japanese but there were 50,000 RIP -Had good weapons, an immense amount of training, and were ideologically driven -Air force was surprisingly prepared and attacked quickly Invasion -Artillery pounded British troops -British defenses were especially weak, so the Japanese walked easily into Hong King and went towards the British -Was supposed to take a week but took a day -Had spies up ahead of their line and saw lounging troops, recognizing the potential for an ambush -Went all the way to the line’s bunkers and dropped grenades into Scottish positions -Took over line and Hong Kong’s water in hours -Everybody in the Canadian forces was given a rifle and told to defend Kowloon -John Gray, who mi
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