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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

HIST 203 Lecture 3-19 3/19/2013 10:04:00 AM Canadians in WWII cont.  Could not appeal internment, communists and Nazis were targeted in Canada. When Italy entered the war, Italian fascists were interned as well. Minister of Justice could intern anyone acting prejudicial  Operation Husky – 10 October 1943 o Invasion of Sicily – first involvement in Europe since Dieppe. Taking was important for ground experience as they would move up the boot. o Moro River Campaign (4-26 December) o Battle of Ortona (20-28 December 1943) – most significant, toughest battle area for the Canadians. Fought house to house, Germans would withdraw o Rome fell 4 June 1944 – battle begin 11 May 1944, Germans left the city. Italian campaign would keep on until the end of the war, was not the glorious part of the war. “D-Day Dodgers” as they could not participate while being in Europe o 25,000 casualties – 93,000 served total  Operation Overloard o 7,016 ships – lead by Dwight Eisenhower, supreme Allied Forces commander o Canada was officially part of the British army, tasked with taking Juno Beach. Less allies in Italy, many were transferred to Normandy. 1,074 would be dead or missing, moved further than any other force, and deaths were half than expected. o Significant opposition in Cayenne, Canad
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