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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

HIST 203 Lecture 1-17 1/17/2013 11:00:00 AM Canada’s Age of Empire  In the Manitoba Act (1870, bringing Manitoba into confederation), the Maiti had been promised a ton of land. By 1880s, much of the promised land had been given to settlers instead of the Maiti. By 1885, 7% of Manitoba population was Maiti, due to large amounts of Ontario settlers.  Louis Riel in 1884 was living in Montana, as an American citizen. On March 19, 1885, Riel had declared provisional government in the northwest, hoping it would be able to make alliances with aboriginal people and with white settlers in the region, occupy the area and enter negotiations with the federal government. Battles of the North-West Rebellion, 1885  Battle of Duck Lake (26 March rebel victory)  Looting of Battleford (30 March)  Frog Lake “Massacre” – (2 April, 10 killed)  Battle of Fort Pitt (15 April)  Battle of Fish Creek (24
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