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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

1023 EDKP330 Lose 1 lb= 3500 calories To gain 1 pounds/week = consume 400-500 more kcal than you are expending (along w/ daily requirements—inslude weight training to gain lean muscle not fat Restriction of 500 calories/ day= lose 1 lb a week  w/ exercise it could be much less or no restriction Guidelines for managing your weight  Lifestyle behavior change  Diet  Physical activity  Psychological and behavioral considerations  Caloric intake  Caloric expenditure Behavior modification  Self monitor: diaries  Stimulus control: indentify circumstances that stimulate eating  Reward: formal rewards  Nutrition education  Physical activity  Cognitive restructuring: counter negative thoughts, set reasonable goals  To lose weight, must spend more calories than consumed. Consume less or spend more. Misconceptions  Quick fixes  Does not exist  Fad diet  Cellulite  Spot reduction Freshman 15  Students tend to gain weight in their first semester living on their own when they go to university  Free to eat  Access to high caloric snacks  Adapt to stress  Overeating  Coffee to stay awak
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