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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Oct 5 - Mental lexicon: is it real? where is it located? - neurobiology of words: - a word has a phonological form and meaning - all words are stored in a mental lexicon/dictionary - what are the neural substrates implicated in word processing and the lexicon as shown through brain damage (category specific) - we look at different aphasias etc to locate category-specific deficits - Boston naming test: show people an object; they should be able to name it and say what it's used for - Geschwind thinks that the lexicon is close to Wernicke`s area - lesions to fusiforméoccipital gyrus causes deficit in naming living things - temporal = naming objects and inanimate objects - frontal = verb naming - you have to look at the type of error as well as if there is an error or not - how do we explain category-specific deficits? - there are two groups of theories: one that is modular, and one that is - neural-structure principles: the domain-specific account. - come up with groups: tools, animals, fruits and vegetables. (why do we come up with these distinctions? they're actually based on functionally distinct neural circuts. these things had to be identified quicker for reproduction or survival) - modular theories can not explain some thi
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