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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Oct 28 - for this class, we assume that Auxillaries are base generated in T in English - in French, we're going with that they do move. In English, the tense and agreement move down to check, in French, the verb moves up to check with them. - spontaneous recovery is possible - Imaging speech - speech = overt vocalization of what we call laguage vs. language = both speaking and understanding - why - though speech is so important - is there not very much studying on it? - no animal experiments, so much going on that it's hard to say what's what - one of the biggest problems with imaging it is that you have to move when you talk - all images will be influenced by movement (movement artifact) - how to avoid this? : internal speech, produce a program that minimizes this, use a brief stimulus (instead of a whole long story) - problems: behaviour of interest much be short, when discarding volumes, you lose some of the activity - is there another solution?
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