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April 11th

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Music-Arts Faculty
MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

April 11 , 2013  classical modernism is anything before 1950  song for 18 musicians is either a symphony or a suite  minimalism: incessant repetition of short musical motives: melodic, rhythmic, harmonic patterns often repeat for long periods with little variation o tends to get into a pattern and stay in that pattern o a lot of early minimalism is very stripped down o there is a repetition of pattern in minimalism  post modernism art includes the viewers/participants to be in the artwork, being able to physically move through it, ie/ if the art took up an entire room  phase shifting/process music: classic minimalist works often undergo a slow, subtle rhythmic change or shift over short or long period of time  minimalist compositions nearly always employ some type of diatonic tonality  sound consonant  creation of minimalist music parallels similar aesthetic of simplification, repetition & abstract symmetry in plastic arts  earliest composers influenced by contemplative musical & visual arts of India, China, Indonesia & hypnotic rhythms of African music  profoundly influential on ‘art rock’/’progressive rock’  minimalist & minimalism are style terms  minimalist composers can be any genre/ensemble  this was a very big movement in the USA that has now become an international phenomenon  classic minimalism: term used to refer to early works of minimalism, some of which were experimental; many explorations of phasing/phase shifting o
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