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Lecture 16

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Music-Arts Faculty
MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Friday February 11 2011 Lecture SixteenWhen doing our second concert report we should use Oxford Music Online on the McGill music library webpageAudioVisual streamingdownloading also importantMozart Twelve Variaitons on ah vous diraije maman Good example of ThemeVariationsMozart and more wrote a lot of pieces for novices for people to play in their homes commercial pieces that are not that difficult o Even though we often celebrate their very difficult masterpieces these were important as well a repeat signThis is a typical classical piece overly simple The arch of the melody is simple the piece is very symmetrical The arch of melody means it goes up and then back down This is very typical of classical melodiesThis is rounded form because you have the A section then something different like the A melody but not the same the descending part of the A melody the B section In this case the A and the B are very related Then you have a reminder of A This makes it a rounded binary form due to the ABreminder of A It is rounded because of the return of the beginning at the endSonata form is also simple but on a much larger scaleIn the key of C the CEG ch
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